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Merchant Account

West Union offers a unique service - opening of the merchant account.

With merchant account you can receive payments for your services/products presented in the global network directly via Internet. It will expand the circle of your clients and significantly simplify the procedure of payment your product.

This service can be used by any valid company that has a website and a bank account for clearing. If you haven't used the system of non-cash transactions our specialists will give you a detailed consultation and help you to open a clearing program.

The service of merchant account is performed remotely and you can use internet banking for the account management. You can control the payments in the real-time mode.

For the opening of the merchant account your company has to carry on a real business activity, to have its own representation in the Internet (website) and a bank account for clearing (we'll assist you in its opening).


Opening of the merchant account - 4600 Euro + DHL shipping (included merchant account opening + IT interface on the website for paying via Visa credit card) 

The opening is proceeded remotely

Documents can be accepted only in English language or trasnlated in English

To open a corporate account:

-       Full set of the constituent documents of the company

-       Power of attorney with Apostille, if there is one

-       Business plan (should be according to the Bank-representative requirements)

-       The decision of the board of directors authorizing the opening of the account in the Loayl Bank and giving the right to the authorized person to manage the account (Resolution of the Board of Directors - provide with the form), nominal directors should not sign it

-       ID of the authorized person - international passport, document to confirm the address (utility bill or statement of account, or state passport), bank reference.

Identification is required only for those physical persons who are listed in the constituent documents.  If he is a nominal director - standard colored scanned copy of the passport, if not a nominal director but an authorized person, responsible person, the beneficiary - then all the documents of identification physical person.

After receiving the documents we provide the account details to the client in electronic form within 2-4 working days.

After the first incoming transfer to an account (the amount is bigger that the opening amount), prepare ordered to bank account products and sent to the postal address of the client.

The main currency of the bank is USD, to the account can provide the credit cards, but there is a possibility of opening multicurrency accounts.

Management of bank account is via the Internet, the access is to use the Digipass.

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