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New king of safety Ц the name of pilot project of international holding West Union Group based on an innovative approach to clients service.  The main idea of this project Ц a complex of high-tech technologies which practically improves the quality of document flood confidentiality and communication with clients.

As part of the project:
Х   Released VIP-card with the bonuses the welfare and safety customers. A measure of prosperity and security is the volume of services of leading experts Holding.
Х   The Moscow office of the West Union Group established a new call-center type, developed new software that can combine by the client in a virtual environment in real-time capabilities of the best specialists West Union Group of 34 countries.

The impetus for the opening of this project was prompted by the growing number of customers of Holding and the need for a fundamental quality of corporate communications.
Decision of the Board of Directors of the holding West Union Group in 2010 declared the Year of the client. This means that the full potential of the Holding Company will be directed at improving the interaction quality with our clients.

The project we introduce includes new elements of the brand Holdings revealing its mission - to care about the financial well-being and security of client information. The idea of updating the new interpretation of the logo and acronym Holding: WU - not only the geopolitical definition of "Western Union", but the quality of state / attitude - Wellbeing with U, exactly means - "well-being with you."
It is not surprising that the project starts in Russia, in Moscow - it is here that the activity of our client's audience is particularly high and forecasts for growth of client base are the most optimistic

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