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Cyprus – from 750 EUR 

Only now you can register a company in Cyprus for just 750 EUR*
* Discount time is limited
For your convenience we offer two variants of Cyprus company package:
1. You can buy a full service package which costs 2 200 EUR. The offer includes:
• Standard set of apostilled documents
• Legal address
• Nominee director + general power of attorney for 1 year
• Nominee shareholder for 1 year + shares certificate + instruments of transfer
• Nominee secretary
• Tax certificate
• Letters of exemption from nominee directors without date
• Company seal
2. You can buy only the service you need. The price for each service is below.

Registration / acquisition of ready-made company for 750 EUR

Annual maintenance of a company from 800 EUR
• State fees
• Nominal service
• Apostilled general power of attorney for 1 year
Audit from 700 EUR*
• Balance sheet verified by certified Cyprus auditor
• Providing sheet balance for approval/changes to beneficial owner of a company
• Filling the verification of auditor to Cyprus Tax Authorities
An auditing company makes out an invoice after referring all the documents for balance sheet provided by a client *

Additional service/documents

A notarized copy of the translation into Russian of standard set of documents – 250 EUR

Any apostilled document listed below – 250 EUR

• Special power of attorney
• Tax certificate
• Articles and Memorandum of association
Any apostilled document above – 250 EUR
• Certificate of incorporation
• Certificate of directors and secretary
• Certificate of shareholders
• Certificate of legal address
• Certificate of good standing*

Is given only in case all the bookkeeping is submitted in time to tax authorities*

Change of director or secretary – 350 EUR **

*new apostilled certificate of directors and secretary
*exemption letter from new director /secretary without date (in case of nominees)
**clients can order reissues of apostilled general power of attorney in case the nominee director is changed before the date of annual payment for company maintenance

Change of beneficiary owner of a company – 350 EUR
• New share certificate
• New Indemnity Letter

Change of shareholder 390 EUR
• New apostilled shareholders certificate
• New trust documents

Change of company name 500 EUR
• Checking of new name variants in Cyprus state authority
• Entering changes in state register and relevant corporate documents

Receiving VAT number
DHL purchasing from Moscow to Cyprus or Cyprus to Moscow – around 100 EUR (in case of low weight)

Account opening in one of the following Cyprus banks 500 EUR***

* Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited;
* EFG EuroBank Ergasias S. A.;

Account opening in one of the following Cyprus banks 800 EUR***

* Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited;
* Marfin Popular Bank Public Company Limited (Laiki Bank);

***It is possible to open a remote account in above mentioned banks (a client doesn’t have to be present in the bank). In this case the price for this service is 1200 EUR.

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