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Registration of foreign companies

One of the main businesses of West Union Group is the companies’ incorporation in foreign jurisdictions. We offer professional incorporation service in Europe, Asia, USA, and Australia as well as in the classic offshore and in many other jurisdictions.
Below you can find a table of the main jurisdictions where we offer company incorporation services. 

The process of registration consists of the following major steps:
Our client provides us information about his field of business and his requirements
We analyze all the client’s preferences and select the best option from the point of legal and tax as well as the cost of company incorporation.

Once the client gave us the positive answer, we start the process of company incorporation. Alternatively, the client can buy an already registered company in the most popular jurisdiction which is a good opportunity to save time.
Because our dedication to provide efficiency, quality of service and tailored approach to every client, we receive good recommendation and reputation across the globe from our clients and we are widely considered as their reliable partner.

For other jurisdictions you will get in touch with us by phone: + 852 289 10 030

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