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West Union Group – это международная компания, которой удалось сформировать команду специалистов, имеющих, с одной стороны, глубокие знания в области права, и с другой, ежедневно сталкивающихся с практическими вопросами реализации проектов.


В отличие от большинства компаний, которые специализируются либо в области консалтинга, либо в области регистрации компаний, их сопровождения и прочих вопросов, связанных с реализаций проектов по международному налогообложению, наша деятельность включает оба описанных направления. Это позволяет максимально эффективно реализовывать разработанные проекты как с точки зрения налогообложения, так и с точки зрения расходов, связанных с «построением» структур и их последующее сопровождение.


West Union Group оказывает широкий перечень услуг в области сопровождения международного бизнеса и консалтинга, которые можно разделить на следующие категории:


  • Registration of foreign companies   ( 4 Articles )

    Registration of foreign companies

    One of the main businesses of West Union Group is the companies’ incorporation in foreign jurisdictions. We offer professional incorporation service in Europe, Asia, USA, and Australia as well as in the classic offshore and in many other jurisdictions.
    Below you can find a table of the main jurisdictions where we offer company incorporation services. 

    The process of registration consists of the following major steps:
    Our client provides us information about his field of business and his requirements
    We analyze all the client’s preferences and select the best option from the point of legal and tax as well as the cost of company incorporation.

    Once the client gave us the positive answer, we start the process of company incorporation. Alternatively, the client can buy an already registered company in the most popular jurisdiction which is a good opportunity to save time.
    Because our dedication to provide efficiency, quality of service and tailored approach to every client, we receive good recommendation and reputation across the globe from our clients and we are widely considered as their reliable partner.

    For other jurisdictions you will get in touch with us by phone: + 852 289 10 030

  • Buy a ready-made company   ( 4 Articles )
    Purchasing a ready-made company will allow you not to go into details in the registration process of the company. You can become a company’s rightful owner for an hour, by choosing its name from a list of already prepared shelf companies. Our experienced specialists will assist you in all the queries regarding the jurisdiction of the company, including local legislation and taxation. There are several ways of communicating with our staff, one of which is to make an inquiry on-line, and promptly receive a written response to the address you specify, and talk to a counselor on the phone, arrange a meeting in the office of West Union, invite our expert to your office, or visit our seminars.

    Ready-made company is the most beneficial purchase for business people who value their time.
    The cost of ready-made company usually does not differ from the cost of registering a new company, thus, this acquisition will allow you to save time without additional financial costs.

  • Bank accounts   ( 2 Articles )

    WEST UNION Group provides services for companies registered in China or abroad assisting them in opening accounts in the most reliable and safe banks located in various regions of the world. We will select the bank based on your business requirements. As a rule this choice is determined by the bank’s stability, the scope of services it would render to non resident clients, whether or not the bank’s profile is compatible with your company’s specialization as well as strict confidentiality policy. Other relevant factors are: whether or not the bank has English  speaking personal; whether or not the bank will issue credit cards to this account and whether or not the bank’s account management system is convenient enough to the client’s ends.


    West  Union  Group is an agent of a number of banks. In some banks we provide remote opening of the account. For you it will be necessary  only to send the necessary documents by mail, even if you are in another country. It will be opened within few days, and  you will be able to controll it by online-banking.


    Among our partners the leading banks of Cyprus, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Hungary, Latvia, Seychelles Islands and etc.  We choose a bank based on your business interests.



    Today our company maintains active working relationshipwith the banks located in: Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Vincent, Hong Kong.

    West Union offers a unique service - the opening of the merchant account. Using Merchant account you will be able to obtain the payment of your services/goods, represented in the global network, directly through the Internet. This will expand the circle of your clients and substantially make more simply the procedure of payment for the goods.



    Dubai Latvia Seychelles
    Cyprus NORVIC Singapore
    LAIKI BANK (CYPRUS) Liechtenstein AP BANK (Switzerland)
    Hong Kong AP BANK (Lichtenstein) VP BANK (Switzerland)
    HSBC HONG KONG VP BANK (Liechtenstein)  
    Hungary Luxembourg
    LOYAL BANK VP BANK (Luxembourg)

  • Virtual office   ( 2 Articles )

    Virtual Office is an ideal solution for remote management of business. Virtual Office features allow one to keep full track of incoming calls. Setting up a Virtual Office considerably optimizes maintenance costs of your company’s representative office inthe country of registration by eliminating rental expenses and employees wages.:


    Virtual Office includes:


    A postal address at the place of company’s registration with a possibility of incoming documentation forwarding. All of the post correspondence (messages, letters, notices and parcels) arriving at your company address will be readdressed in accordance with your instructions to the address specified by you, or stored in our office until your further orders. A secretary who will answer phone calls during the workday, or 24 hours a day, should there be a need, in any language you may require. An electronic address in the country of registration with a possibility of correspondence redirection. A dedicated fax number with fax to email forwarding feature. All incoming fax messages will be readdressed to an e-mail address in any country of your choice. Dedicated telephone line redirecting your calls. All incoming calls will be rerouted to local lines and mobile numbers. All incoming calls can be redirected to any phone number in any country of the world, according to your instructions. The clients calling you will be unaware that the call was rerouted. The main advantage of the redirecting service is that for your clients and business partners you will always be in the country which theyare calling.


    An average fee of Virtual Office maintenance is about $300 a month.


    The price of virtual office organization depends on telephone line renting rates and cost of other services in various countries. You can find out about the exact costs for opening and maintenance of a Virtual Office in a given country by calling us at +852 2891 0030. Upon request our clients can rent an office and a negotiations room. To facilitate your business meetings and consultations you can rent a fully equipped office in an hour.


    How does a Virtual office work:


    1. A call to your dedicated phone number connects to the calls processing centre. The telephone number to which the call is made has the code of a country in which your company is registered.


    2. The Secretary/employee at the call-centre takes the call and answers it in the name of your company in pure English (Chinese, French …) language.


    3. Then the call is redirected to your phone, including cell phones worldwide. The client has an impression that you are in the office.


    4. If you are inaccessible at the moment the secretary takes the call and informs the caller that you are occupied. All the information received in your name will be recorded and forwarded to you via Voicemail, by e-mail or fax depending on your instructions. Your postal address will have a prestigious address in the centre of the city specified by you. All of the mail received at the office address will be forwarded to the address specified by you.


    As a rule, our clients use «Virtual Office» services when registering a firm abroad via our company.

  • Offshores and Low-tax Jurisdictions   ( 3 Articles )

    Offshore and low-tax jurisdictions offer good possibilities to legally boost profitability of your business. The professional approach of our employees to tax planning allows for exploitation of advantages of legislations varying across countries, depending on specifics of your company’s activities. Вeing our client you can optimize taxation burden on your company while preserving the necessary confidentiality.

    Tax planning and tax optimization

    Tax optimization is an instrument for economically active tax payers who are ready to consider any legally available means to enhance effectiveness of their business and increase profits.

    Classic Offshores Low Tax Jurisdictions





    flag_bviBritish Virgin Island

    flag_kaimaninselnCayman Islands

    flag dominicaDominica


    flag_insel_manIsle of Man

    flag_marshall_islandsMarshall Islands




    flag_inselmauritiusThe Island of Mauritius



    flag_hkHong Kong


    flag_new_zealandNew Zealand



    flag_ukUnited Kingdom



    The goal of the state is to collect enough taxes in order to finance all of its impending tasks. However the majority of businessmen consider taxes to be "losses" as far as their business is concerned. So, an effective business will at all times aim to reduce its tax burden to the most extent possible. As long as tax minimization does not cross the bounds of law, it can not be deemed as contradicting the purpose of the state. It is more often the case then not that tax optimization becomes a challenging issue for enterprise or/and a person.

    A competent exercise of dissimilarity in the ways of book keeping and tax accounting practiced in  various countries does not only result in considerable minimization of tax burden, but also in cost optimization of accounting record-keeping. However, with tax planning one ought to remember that standard solutions are neither available nor should they be sought after. An effective business is a process unique and should be treated as one. Therefore tax optimization procedure stands for no trifle matters or omissions, and calls for a though legal substantiation and documentary registration.

    As of today the offshore companies remain one of the most attractive ways of tax minimization. Offshore zones represent a high level of the banking and commercial activities due to the peculiarities in legislations of these countries. If a company that is registered in an offshore tax law country conducts no activity in the country of registration, then it is released from almost all types of tax. Besides, the founders or shareholders may own the companies anonymously, so that the data about the owners of a company is not published.

    Such countries have a simplified company registration procedure and no currency restrictions. Authorized capital of an offshore company is declared, that is, it does not need to be actually entered into a bank account. Financial statement is either made once a year or the company can be exempted from tax declarations all together.

  • Find partners and managing of business relations   ( 2 Articles )

     Affiliate Programs

    Agents and partners
    International holding West Union Group is committed to expanding the agency network and build relations with Russian companies that provide services for registration of companies and their continued support.

    We will consider all options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

    West Union Group proposes expanding the range of your services through affiliate programs:

    • Registration of companies abroad
    • opening accounts in foreign banks
    • international tax planning
    • registration of trade marks and barcodes

    Our partners are:

    • 10% of the total transaction amount
    • Advertising support
    • Free counseling professionals
    • Free access to the thematic workshops

    You interested in other affiliate programs West Union - we are ready to discuss ways of cooperation with your representative.

    For more information on co-operation you can get on the phone.+852 2891 0030。

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