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Virtual office

Virtual Office is an ideal solution for remote management of business. Virtual Office features allow one to keep full track of incoming calls. Setting up a Virtual Office considerably optimizes maintenance costs of your company’s representative office inthe country of registration by eliminating rental expenses and employees wages.:


Virtual Office includes:


A postal address at the place of company’s registration with a possibility of incoming documentation forwarding. All of the post correspondence (messages, letters, notices and parcels) arriving at your company address will be readdressed in accordance with your instructions to the address specified by you, or stored in our office until your further orders. A secretary who will answer phone calls during the workday, or 24 hours a day, should there be a need, in any language you may require. An electronic address in the country of registration with a possibility of correspondence redirection. A dedicated fax number with fax to email forwarding feature. All incoming fax messages will be readdressed to an e-mail address in any country of your choice. Dedicated telephone line redirecting your calls. All incoming calls will be rerouted to local lines and mobile numbers. All incoming calls can be redirected to any phone number in any country of the world, according to your instructions. The clients calling you will be unaware that the call was rerouted. The main advantage of the redirecting service is that for your clients and business partners you will always be in the country which theyare calling.


An average fee of Virtual Office maintenance is about $300 a month.


The price of virtual office organization depends on telephone line renting rates and cost of other services in various countries. You can find out about the exact costs for opening and maintenance of a Virtual Office in a given country by calling us at +852 2891 0030. Upon request our clients can rent an office and a negotiations room. To facilitate your business meetings and consultations you can rent a fully equipped office in an hour.


How does a Virtual office work:


1. A call to your dedicated phone number connects to the calls processing centre. The telephone number to which the call is made has the code of a country in which your company is registered.


2. The Secretary/employee at the call-centre takes the call and answers it in the name of your company in pure English (Chinese, French …) language.


3. Then the call is redirected to your phone, including cell phones worldwide. The client has an impression that you are in the office.


4. If you are inaccessible at the moment the secretary takes the call and informs the caller that you are occupied. All the information received in your name will be recorded and forwarded to you via Voicemail, by e-mail or fax depending on your instructions. Your postal address will have a prestigious address in the centre of the city specified by you. All of the mail received at the office address will be forwarded to the address specified by you.


As a rule, our clients use «Virtual Office» services when registering a firm abroad via our company.

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