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Corporate Servises

Representative offices of foreign companies are registered for the limited period of time necessary for achieving goals set up by a company.

Services of Representative officesТ accreditation:

  • Registration and accreditation of the Representative office/ a branch of a foreign company.
  • Getting accreditation cards for officials of the Representative office/ a branch.

Services include:

  • Preparation of the regulation of the Representative office and all necessary documents for registration and accreditation of the Representative office on the territory of the country you need.
  • Obtaining the certificate indicating inclusion the Representative office in the public register.
  • Opening the settlement account in a bank.
  • Making a stamp.
  • Payment of public duties.
  • Notarial attestation of the copies of constitutive documents and certificates.

Essential documents

  • The regulation, the constitutive agreement (in the original);
  • The certificate of the registration of a company in the corresponding register;
  • The document confirming appointment and credentials of a manager or an owner of the company presenting necessary documents and certificates for registering a new company on behalf of himself (in the original documents with the apostile);
  • In the case of impossibility for a manager or an owner of a company to present personally, he gives a power of attorney confirming the right to register a new company (in the original with the apostile);
  • Contact information (addresses, telephone numbers) of a manager or an owner of a company.

Data of an accredited official:

  • Last name, name, patronymic name (in the Chinese and Latin transcription);
  • Date of birth and place of birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Address of the permanent place of residence abroad;
  • Information about education (when, where and what the educational institution a person graduated);
  • Speciality;
  • Service record (terms, place of work, position);
  • Family status (name, date of birth of a wife (a husband), children and their citizenship;
  • Home address and phone number in China;
  • Position taken in the Representative office;
  • Period of work in the Representative office.

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