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Offshores and Low-tax Jurisdictions

Offshore and low-tax jurisdictions offer good possibilities to legally boost profitability of your business. The professional approach of our employees to tax planning allows for exploitation of advantages of legislations varying across countries, depending on specifics of your company’s activities. Вeing our client you can optimize taxation burden on your company while preserving the necessary confidentiality.

Tax planning and tax optimization

Tax optimization is an instrument for economically active tax payers who are ready to consider any legally available means to enhance effectiveness of their business and increase profits.

Classic Offshores Low Tax Jurisdictions





flag_bviBritish Virgin Island

flag_kaimaninselnCayman Islands

flag dominicaDominica


flag_insel_manIsle of Man

flag_marshall_islandsMarshall Islands




flag_inselmauritiusThe Island of Mauritius



flag_hkHong Kong


flag_new_zealandNew Zealand



flag_ukUnited Kingdom



The goal of the state is to collect enough taxes in order to finance all of its impending tasks. However the majority of businessmen consider taxes to be "losses" as far as their business is concerned. So, an effective business will at all times aim to reduce its tax burden to the most extent possible. As long as tax minimization does not cross the bounds of law, it can not be deemed as contradicting the purpose of the state. It is more often the case then not that tax optimization becomes a challenging issue for enterprise or/and a person.

A competent exercise of dissimilarity in the ways of book keeping and tax accounting practiced in  various countries does not only result in considerable minimization of tax burden, but also in cost optimization of accounting record-keeping. However, with tax planning one ought to remember that standard solutions are neither available nor should they be sought after. An effective business is a process unique and should be treated as one. Therefore tax optimization procedure stands for no trifle matters or omissions, and calls for a though legal substantiation and documentary registration.

As of today the offshore companies remain one of the most attractive ways of tax minimization. Offshore zones represent a high level of the banking and commercial activities due to the peculiarities in legislations of these countries. If a company that is registered in an offshore tax law country conducts no activity in the country of registration, then it is released from almost all types of tax. Besides, the founders or shareholders may own the companies anonymously, so that the data about the owners of a company is not published.

Such countries have a simplified company registration procedure and no currency restrictions. Authorized capital of an offshore company is declared, that is, it does not need to be actually entered into a bank account. Financial statement is either made once a year or the company can be exempted from tax declarations all together.

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