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AP BANK (Switzerland)
Cost of opening account
1500 Eur
Terms of opening account

- Certificate of Incorporation under Apostile

- M&A under Apostile

- Power of Attorney from director, in case if the attorney opens an account

- Company business plan

- Resume of a beneficiary\attorney on a demand

- Filled in an application form for opening an account


To open an account for a physical person:

- international passport

- document certify the address (the bill for public and communal facilities, or state passport, translated in English the page with registration address)

- bank reference (translated in english)


To open a corporate account:

-         Full set of the constituent documents of the company

-         Power of attorney with Apostille, if there is one

-         Business plan (should be according to the Bank-representative requirements)

-         The decision of the board of directors authorizing the opening of the account in the Loayl Bank and giving the right to the authorized person to manage the account (Resolution of the Board of Directors – provide with the form), nominal directors should not sign it

-         ID of the authorized person – international passport, document to confirm the address (utility bill or statement of account, or state passport), bank reference.

Identification is required only for those physical persons who are listed in the constituent documents.  If he is a nominal director - standard colored scanned copy of the passport, if not a nominal director but an authorized person, responsible person, the beneficiary - then all the documents of identification physical person.

Money transfers
Outgoing and incoming transfers - from $ 5 to $ 40 - Express transfer, internal transfer free
Personal presence
Director is obligatory to arrive to one of the representative office of the bank
Duration of opening account
14 days
Management of account
Provide online banking
Credit cards
Master Card, Visa
English speaking employee
All employees speak English Language. Bank interface is in English Language
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