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Jurisdiction Cost of registration/purchase ready-made company Annual Support Service Bookkeeping reports Nominal service (optional)
Uruguay 2 500 USD 2 000 USD 800 USD 750 USD


             We offer you a standard package of service. Is you would like to have a separate service – you can choose it from the list on the table


Registration of a new company

Registration of the company

Authorized capital

2 500 EUR


Nominal director for a company per year

The fee amount presumes purely nominal presence of a director in the company without any functions or arrangements. Should there be a need for such ones the fee amount is to be determined separately.

750 EUR

Supporting service per year

The fee amount includes: processing of all incoming correspondence (not more than 20 documents per month), correspondence with governmental bodies (courts, economic departments, chamber of commerce, organized labor, insurance companies), private companies (trade registers, trade companies, advertising companies and etc.); documentation paperwork (agreements, protocols, extracts from registers, labor contracts and etc.), bank accounts support (provision of account extracts, replenishment of accounts, making necessary payments), provision of an office for negotiations. 

2 000 EUR

Legal address

The fee amount includes  provision of legal address

1 400 EUR

Bookkeeping of the company

To 10 operations in a month and at volume to 50 000 EUR in a year (without annual balance).

800 EUR

Opening of the bank account

Opening of the account

750 EUR



Required documents for registration (founder - legal body)


• Corporate charter, constituent documents of the company (in the original)

• The certificate of the company registration in the relevant Registrar

• A document confirming the appointment and proxy of the manager or owner of the company, present their individual documents and power of attorney for  opening a new company (in the original with Apostille)

• The power of attorney from the manager or owner of the company for the right to open a new company (in the original with Apostille) in case of not arriving

• Addresses and contact numbers of the manager or the owner of the company


Required documents for registration (founder individual)


• A clear copy of the client’s passport

• Mailing address

• The power of attorney from the owner of the company for the right to open a new company (in the original with Apostille) in case of not arriving

• If there are several founders, indicate the percentage of ownership shares, or shares, the same set of documents for each founder.

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